'Hugh Lyon Smith McConnell' established McConnell’s Decorators. His plan was simple: To carry out high quality painting and decorating work for local residents, the local authority and small businesses. This he did successfully for many years


After falling ill, Hugh’s son, Gordon McConnell retired early from the RAF to help out and eventually take the business over. Whilst following his dad’s same ethos of quality, Gordon wanted to grow the business and soon began taking on larger painting projects, further afield, further enhancing the good reputation his father had built –up over the years. “If you wanted a quality decorating job in Ayrshire, you went to McConnell’s, simple as that !”

April 1962

Hugh LS McConnell Limited is incorporated, a sign that Gordon had ambitions to grow the business further.


McConnell Roofing was born. The development of ‘Liquid Applied’ reinforced, waterproofing membranes found the main manufacturer; Liquid Plastics Ltd of Preston (who had been previously supplying water based and specialist wall coatings to McConnell’s and the industry in general) , needing to find installers for their new, innovative product; Decothane. So it was painting companies, rather than roofing companies, that they approached on the basis that the methodology of application was closer to painting than the traditional roofing skills of laying felt and asphalt.

The 1980's

McConnell's found that they were actually pretty good at coating roofs to a high standard and so created a small Roofing Division which would complement their decorating business as the skill-set required was extremely similar.

During this decade, McConnell’s went from a decorating business that had a small roof coating division to a Roofing Business that also undertook painting & decorating


McConnell's developed a system to spray polyurethane foam insulation onto roofs that could then be waterproofed with one of the roof coating products that were coming onto the market. This was an extremely successful and effective venture which broadened our potential in the industry.


Angus Macdonald Tosh joined McConnell’s from Liquid Plastics to drive the sales of the business’s roofing services throughout Scotland and into England to capitalise on the fact that McConnell’s were known for their quality of workmanship and were a very friendly and easy company to deal with. This proved to be very successful as turnover began to grow and our whole approach to needing to satisfy our clients to always be “asked back” ensured we enjoyed a lot of repeat business.


Keen to diversify into other areas of roofing, McConnell’s began to install Single-Ply PVC based roof membranes.


McConnell's opened its first regional office in Desborough, Northants so McConnell’s were marching south!


Rob Davis joined the business to develop new business in the North of England, operating from his home in Hull, East Yorkshire.


Rob Davis, who had joined in 1992, sets up the South of England operation


Gordon McConnell retires and after an MBO, Angus Tosh and Rob Davis acquire the business with Angus becoming MD


Continuing diversification sees the establishment of a 'Sheeting & Cladding' Division run by Peter Treacey


New office established in Camberley, Surrey, as McConnell’s Southern business thrives.


Turnover breaks the £10M barrier as Local Authority and Defence Sector Client’s increase business across our core Flat Roofing, Cladding & Painting activities.


Further growth across the business with major projects secured with new Clients in the Water, Education and Distribution sectors


Successful renewal of our ISO 9001 QMS Accreditation confirms our commitment to Quality


With further new key staff appointments, McConnell's emerges a stronger, leaner and more agile company with an envied customer portfolio and enjoys further business growth.


McConnell’s achieves Achilles UVDB Accreditation

Angus Tosh retires from the business after almost 30 years and hands the reins over to new MD Eamonn McGarvey