Flat Roofing,
Sheeting and Cladding,
Painting and Decorating,
Specialist Coatings

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Flat Roofing,
Sheeting and Cladding,
Painting and Decorating,
Specialist Coatings

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McConnell Roofing.

Established by Hugh LS McConnell in 1929 initially as a painting and decorating business, McConnell Roofing has been at the forefront of delivering the highest quality roofing projects to the Commercial, Industrial, Housing and Retail sectors throughout Great Britain for nearly 40 years and we are extremely proud of our achievements in this time as we've developed, diversified, innovated and improved ourselves as a business as well as what we offer our customers.

Operating from both Scotland and London, we are able to service the needs of our many nationally and globally operating clients.

We are also very proud of our customer portfolio which is made up of some of the UK’s greatest companies in their fields.

Our strategy is simple...

  • Firstly, we strive to understand the needs and requirements of our customer in terms of both a technical and budgetary criteria.
  • Secondly, we design a tailor made solution that may even include various roofing disciplines and systems and, most importantly; covering all aspects of how to keep our team, the customer’s team and the public SAFE.
  • Next, we communicate our ideas to our customer from where the project can be adjusted, revised and honed to their expectations and needs.
  • Plan the project alongside the customer.
  • Execute the project alongside the customer.
  • Deliver a quality, SAFE and complete project with relevant guarantees (Insurance Backed, Manufacturer’s Single-Point, McConnell’s Single-Point, Product and Installation)
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The following are our main disciplines however, as a necessity, we also have the technical capability and expertise to carry out work in overlapping and associated areas of roofing.

Single Ply

Single-ply roofing membranes have become increasingly popular in UK construction in both new build and refurbishment projects.

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Sheeting & Cladding

McConnell's have the expertise to undertake numerous different kinds of sheeting and cladding projects from simple ‘over-clad’ projects where an existing asbestos roof is simply ‘over-clad using new profiled steel sheeting incorporating additional insulation, to a full strip and re-roof using a variety of methods including ‘Built-up’ systems to new insulated composite cladding systems.

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Liquid Applied Membranes

Liquid applied roofing membranes began to appear in the industry during the 1980’s and McConnell’s’ were one of the pioneers in their application and so it’s an area we understand extremely well (our first projects were in the early 1980’s) . They are one of the most versatile types of roofing system and are at their most effective where there is a high ratio of detail-roof area.

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Painting & Decorating

Painting & Decorating was where it all began for McConnell's, way back in 1929 !

You won't be surprised to know therefore, that our knowledge and experience allows us to offer a comprehensive painting and decorating service, specifically catered to our client's needs whether it be 'high end' decorative works or high-performance coating systems.

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Our Services.

‘One-Stop-Shop’ is a phrase used by many businesses.
At McConnell’s however, with the above list of services that we specialise in directly, coupled with our wide ranging network of manufacturers and sub-contractors that we partner with, you can see that we really are able to offer this.
From the roof, to the building envelope, to the floor.
From waterproofing, to increasing thermal properties, to strip and re-roofing.
From exterior coatings, to internal paints and finishes.
All roofs are different ! – You may have a number of different types of roofs on your premises which may need slightly different approaches and solutions.
Manufacturers will always try to sell their system for all of your roofs, BUT, it might not be appropriate to do this.
McConnell’s can cut through the ‘Sales Strategy’ of the manufacturers and actually propose what is most appropriate for you and your specific requirements.
Many of our clients benefit from the fact that we are able to install different systems onto different roofs whilst incorporating not only the manufacturer’s guarantees but also our own ‘Single-Point’ warrantee covering the complete installation.
McConnell’s were one of the first nationwide contractors to offer this unique ‘Umbrella Guarantee’ on every project that we design and install.
Please contact us for more information on how you can benefit from this.