Health & Safety

At the very top of all of our considerations when looking at a new project at enquiry stage has to be:

"How can we do this safely ?"

During the initial survey and inspection of any  project across our all of our disciplines, every one of us has this extremely important element at the forefront of our considerations.

This is driven by the culture within the business where every member of our team from Sales, to Surveyors, to Estimators to Contracts Managers to Site Managers to ALL site based personnel (site supervisors through to labourers) are constantly thinking about their safety, the safety of their team, the customers' employees and the public.

The importance we attach to this is borne out by the fact that we have our own in-house Health & Safety Manager in Chris Kincaid

Chris's role within McConnell's is possibly one of the most important as he drives this culture, has set our H&S targets and procedures, audits our projects, monitors and arranges continual training for all personnel, sets out our 'tool-box talk' topics, chairs our monthly staff H&S briefings as well as many other important tasks.

Chris has also established a monthly 'Health & Safety Forum' where each month, a selection of site staff  are invited into the office to discuss everything connected with H&S, any concerns they may have, ideas for improvement and to receive updates on our policies and any changes in legislation.

Take 5

'Take 5' is our strategy to encourage every member of site staff to 'take 5 minutes' at the beginning of every shift to think about the tasks they'll be undertaking that day and to consider the safety of the site, what they'll be doing and how it might affect the safety of themselves and others.

Statement from Chris Kincaid - QHSE Manager

Health, Safety, environment and employee wellbeing is a fundamental cornerstone of the McConnell's business. We understand that our employees operate in a high-risk industry which presents unique challenges that require dynamic solutions.  At McConnell’s we strive to not only meet our legal and moral obligations but to exceed them by fully embracing the spirit intended in health and safety legislation, we aim to do this by focusing on these key areas:


Safety is driven from the top of the business, by providing strong, decisive and effective leadership with clear goals and objectives, we aim to ensure that our people are adequately protected against all risks associated with the businesses operations.

Training and Development

We believe that investing in employees through training is vital in improving individual behaviours which in turn helps to develop a positive business culture and reduce accidents and incidents. A programme of training including the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), Site Safety Supervisors Training Scheme (SSSTS) and ongoing awareness training has been established for staff at various levels. In addition, all staff possess current CSCS cards.

Sharing information and experiences

It is vital that we learn from our experiences both positive and negative, in order to achieve this, we hold regular consultations with our clients, suppliers, industry partners and our own people. By receiving constant feedback, we are able to challenge ourselves and improve our safety standards and those of clients and business partners.

Promoting a fair and just culture

Our staff and partners should feel empowered to highlight areas for improvement or to speak up when they feel a task is not being conducted safely without fear of reprisal, mockery or unfair treatment. In order to achieve this McConnell’s, promote a just and fair culture where staff are encouraged to report near misses, debrief at the end of tasks and are provided with a monthly employee forum where they can raise concerns with the safety team.

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