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Liquid Applied Membrane

Liquid applied roofing membranes began to appear in the industry during the 1980’s and McConnell’s’ were one of the pioneers in their application and so it’s an area we understand extremely well (our first projects were in the early 1980’s) . They are one of the most versatile types of roofing system and are at their most effective where there is a high ratio of detail-roof area.

One of their USP’s is that after their initial life expectancy (10, 15, 20 or 25 year systems area available), they can be simply cleaned, reactivated and “topped-up”, negating the need to reinforce the roof again, to extend the guarantee life for a further 10-25 years for a fraction of the initial outlay !

Over the years since their introduction, they have enjoyed an increasing slice of the roofing market because of their flexibility, and therefore most manufacturers of roofing systems have developed, bought  or imported their own versions so there are many of them on the market these days – by all means talk to us for guidance on the various systems out there!

Again, they can be used as a straight forward overlay as well as in a built-up scenario incorporating new insulation.

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