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In today's Built Environment, may developers, led by government legislation among other factors, are more and more having to consider the environmental impact of the structures they build as well of course as the thermal performance. Indeed the Building Regulations set out requirements for specific aspects of building design and construction. Regulation 26 of the building regulations states that:

“Where a building is erected, it shall not exceed the target CO2 emission rate for the building…”, and Schedule 1 – Part LConservation of fuel and power states that provision for conservation of fuel and power shall be made by: limiting heat gain and losses and providing building service which are efficient, have effective controls and are properly commissioned and that information is provided so that the building can be operated efficiently.

How a building 'holds on' to the energy produced within it to heat and cool it and therefore stop it from escaping into the sky, is possibly one of the most crucial factors in designing an environmentally responsible building.

A significant part of any building's thermal performance is of course that bit at the top !!  The Roof; The part where most of the heat will try to escape.

The inclusion of a thermally efficient roof is paramount in any roof design criteria and this is achieved by installing appropriate insulation material either before or after the waterproofing is installed.

When considering a roof refurbishment, the building owners are positively encouraged and in some cases REQUIRED to increase the roof's thermal efficiency as part of their refurbishment plans.

McConnell's are able to help with the replacement of, or adding to, your existing building's insulation properties as part of your roof refurbishment project.

We are able to carry out core samples which can establish not only the condition of your existing roof build-up but also to calculate the existing 'U' Value and thereby be able to recommend the type and thickness of insulation required to bring your roof up to current Building Regulations standards.

For more information on how we can help with this whole process, please contact us.

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