Flat Roofing
Bituminous Membranes

The Bituminous membrane market is still creating innovative membranes to meet the demands of the Roofing industry as modern construction practices change.

Bituminous membrane systems come in either single or multi layer build ups with many benefits to each system. You also have the flexibility to use torch on systems or ‘Cold’ systems which can be self adhered or adhesive applied.

Single layer bitumen roofing membranes deliver high performing, lightweight, flexible roofing systems which are also easy, safe and quick to install.

Able to meet highly challenging design briefs, single layer roofing systems, in conjunction with installing insulation, deliver excellent thermal performance and airtight construction, thereby reducing a building's carbon footprint while ensuring high quality protection.

Single layer roof membranes are suitable for all building sectors, including new build and refurbishment.

Multi layer system provide a heavy duty and robust solution to many Flat Roofs.

As an approved installer of most of the major bituminous membranes available  in the UK (Icopal, Bauder,  Alumasc, ICB DeBeor, IKO, Paralon), we are able to select the most suitable system for your project.

Our selection process will always incorporate a combination of design criteria, performance requirements and cost (in today’s variable economic climate, currency exchange rates can have significant impacts upon the price of the various membranes available depending on where in the world they are manufactured and shipped from).  It is of course important to find a balance all three.

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